July Update!

It’s already been a long, hot summer here in Dallas.  Good thing we’re big enough for flip flops and short hair.

We’ve learned to give elbow bumps!

We’ve played in dirt!

We discovered that it doesn’t taste all that great…

All that learning wore us out.  We needed a nap.

We watched Mama mow the yard in the 100 degree heat from the comfort of our undies.

That wore us out too.  Better take another nap just to be safe.

We tried sopapillas for the first time.  We liked them very much.

And finally…after all that…Mama and Daddy realized that it was time for a gate.  We were not pleased.



April update!

We've been out and about this April!  First was a trip downtown for an annual arts festival, where Edric got to hear his favorite song, "Happy", played by street musicians and got to share a delicious Cane Rosso pizza with us. I … [Continue reading]

Cinnamon roll waffles


These were shockingly delicious.  Ok, it wasn't shocking at all, just look at them! Cinnamon roll waffles Skill: low          Prep time: 5min          Bake time: 3 min per waffle          Feeds: 2-3 Ingredients 1 package of Pillsbury … [Continue reading]

Edric goes on a playdate and gets his second 1st birthday party!


On Edric's birthday weekend, we took him on a playdate to an indoor playground called Kid Mania and met up with some of Katie's fellow mommy group friends, as well as Kaven and Dylan.  This was Edric's first time going down a slide and getting turned … [Continue reading]

Thanksgiving/Christmas/1st birthday update


Today is Edric's 1st birthday!  We got his birthday started a little early late last month with a trip to San Antonio, and it will culminate with a trip to Houston later this month.  December was a very busy month for Edric, as he took his very first … [Continue reading]

September/October update

Oops!  I forgot to post for a while...so here we go! So there is my excuse for not updating for a while...it's been a busy summer!  But next week, we'll be in the 40s for the highs, and bunkering … [Continue reading]


Mom saves everything, apparently. … [Continue reading]

Katie graduated!

Most expensive 3 seconds ever!

Last weekend marked the end (at least for now) of Katie's higher education, as she walked across the UNT stage and collected her Masters of Science in Behavior Analysis.  Her family came in to watch and celebrate, but unfortunately Edric came down … [Continue reading]

Life as a gamer dad

Look at those graphics!

For all intents and purposes, there has never been a better, more exciting time to be a gamer.  PC games are amazingly diverse, indie games are finding their way to market with least amount of obstacles ever, and the sheer amount of GOOD games and … [Continue reading]

Katie’s birthday surprise

Katie recently celebrated her 28th birthday, and my parents decided to come into town to surprise her with a birthday party!  Obviously, Edric played a big part in getting them to town, too =)  Alex and I fired up the grill and made fajitas, and I … [Continue reading]